Selbu Folk Museum

Selbu Folk Museum is located close to Selbu church. It is home to a large collection of artefacts from the area’s rich cultural history of handicrafts. Selbu knitting is an important part of Selbu’s cultural history, and Selbu mittens and the Selbu rose pattern are recognised throughout Norway and around the world. The Selbu mitten is now Selbu’s most important brand name. The history of Selbu knitting goes back to about 1850, and the museum houses an exhibition on the subject. It also has an exhibit about the extensive millstone industry, which went on in the Selbu mountains from the 16th century right up until about 1914.

The Norwegian Radio Museum

The Norwegian Radio Museum in Selbu tells the story of radio from 1890 until 1980. The exhibition primarily focuses on the manufacture of radios in Norway, especially the big names such as Edda Radiofabrikk, Tandberg and Radionette. This is a vibrant museum, with many recordings and music dating from the period between 1920 and 1970. In addition to the radios there is a collection of jukeboxes and records, bicycles and photographic equipment. The Radio Museum also has a fully licensed café, and it hosts concerts and other performances in the amphitheatre during the summer months.

Granby Gård

Granby Gård is a preserved farm from 1912 that was built with “gold money” from Nome in Alaska. It offers “a historic experience in a historic environment”. The barn has been fully restored based on the principle of preservation through use, and it now houses an extensive exhibition of the history of emigration. The exhibition primarily focuses on emigration from Selbu to America, as well as the two big gold rushes in America’s history. The barn is also home to a collection of books about the history of emigration, an exhibit on the dramatic story of Belle Gunness, plus artefacts from the farm’s history, and it offers premises for meetings and artistic activities. The farm serves coffee and baked goods, and hot and cold dishes are available to order. See the documentary “Only Belle” here:

Rolset gård

Rolset gård is an authentic farm from the late 19th century, one of the few preserved Trøndelag “Square Farms”. The farm is available for hire for accommodation. For details, please contact Selbu municipality.

Kalvåa bygdetun

Kalvåa bygdetun is just 8 km from the centre of Selbu, on Route 705 on the way to Tydal. Kalvåa is a museum of the industries of outlying land, and forms part of Selbu Folk Museum. It is a reconstructed settlement, including a quarrymen’s cabin, an intact stream mill and summer mountain farmhouses. The museum is used for cultural events and as an outdoor theatre.


Bromoen is one of the oldest cotter’s farms in the area, where you can experience the way such places ran in 1860. Groups are welcomed for guided tours, and coffee and “kakakaku” (a local pancake) are served. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Inger Jørgensen on +47d 410 25 825.

Tydal Museum and Armfeldt Exhibition

Tydal Museum is 40 minutes from the centre of Selbu, offering an exhibition depicting daily life in the local community from the late 19th century up until about 1960. The museum also features an exhibition on the story of the Swedish officer Carl Gustaf Armfeldt. For more information, please contact Tydal Tourist Office on +47 73 81 59 50.